Artists of MODA: Sara Scruton

Learn more about the artists venturing into the world of Music3, their journeys, stories, thoughts, and opinions. This is the Artist Grants Spotlight!

Today we meet Sara Scruton aka Nina Flower; DJ, producer, and decentralized record label owner.

Sara Scruton, also known as Nina Flower, is a Toronto-based DJ and a graduate of the Harris Institute of the Arts where she studied music business and sound engineering. Sara has been DJing since she was 17 and over the past two decades has developed a style of her own; pitched down, cut and paste minimal tech & house with a Nu-Jazz and Deep House influence.

Sara’s strong passion for electronic music combined with her education and many years of experience has led her to be involved in many projects. Some include hosting an internet radio show, writing for Kickmagazine, Dj management, promotion, and paralegal ventures.

Can you tell us and our followers how you first got into music?

I got into the electronic music scene when I was around 15 in the 90’s, through listening to FM radio stations out of Toronto that would broadcast techno, house d&b etc. Specifically DJ’s Don Burns aka Dr. Trance, Chris Sheppard and Deadly Headly all broadcasted underground music radio shows.

Once I got my drivers license it was off to Toronto and Detroit to check out the raves, and that is where my electronic music journey began.

How have you engaged with or explored blockchain tech and NFTs?

My first time dabbling with NFTs was through purchasing blockchain domain names which led me to spend hours of time researching and learning about NFTs from the basic concepts to technicals. As soon as I learned about web3 music platforms Emanate & Audius I got really excited about the potential, started following web3 accounts on Twitter, and discovered MODA DAO and web3 music communities on Discord channels.

Are there any artists whose sounds have influenced you heavily?

Of course Richie Hawtin will always be on the list, along with many producers from Detroit and the Midwest which influenced me from early days, to name a few: Moody Man, Anthony Shakir, Drexcycia, and most recently from other areas of the globe: Ross Couch, FKJ, Lisa Shaw and Crackazat.

What is your first step with the MODA artist grant?

It’s hard to say what the first step is, it feels like there are many first steps from working with an illustrator, completing songs, building a website, choosing platforms. It’s on-going research of figuring out the best way to make my vision fit into the new web3 and legacy web2 platforms and figuring out the areas where the grant resources can be best used.

What are your plans for the rest of 2022?

To keep pushing myself with my vision and bring it to fruition. Continue to learn and research the best way forward by wearing many hats, tripping over my feet (as I am learning) and getting back up and figuring it out again. Ultimately the goal is to have my music posted as audio NFTs, a record label up and running and to onboard other like minded artists with an emphasis on females to collaborate with.

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